Latest Happenings at Value4Risk

At Value4Risk, we always have something great news in the works. From new programs DESIGNED TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS’ SUCCESs, to resources to help you understand your market and sound business practices that help you focus on what you do best. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to most recently:

A new book on ‘tail risk management’ has been released This summer 2017

We are proud to announce a brand new well-researched book on tail risk management has been released through Amazon this Summer 2017. This book will help you understand how to build a more resilient and agile business model in a volatile world and boost your business’ success with sound business practices.



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become a follower of our articles on tail risks and business resiliency

Through LinkedIn our Chief Executive Officer, Pascal vander Straeten, has published more than 400 articles on the understanding and managing of extreme risks, be it related to business strategy, geopolitics, or financial markets. He has attracted more than 7,000 followers who regularly follow his writings and the latest happenings at Value4Risk. These articles will help boost your business’ success and understand your market and sound business practices. 

We’re Proud to announce the set up of a knowledge community

Value4Risk is very proud to announce the set up of a knowledge community that consists of independent consultants that are driven and passionate about the management of extreme risks. This group of independent consultants originates from Rome, Brussels, Paris, Sydney, Dallas, Seattle, and New York, and together operates like one body when it comes to delivering quality research, training, and/ or consulting to clients. In essence, clients will benefit from the collective knowledge and connections, network with other smart professionals, and get faster insights from this consultant network with our latest happenings at Value4Risk.